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Continental Consultants was founded in 1967 with emphasis on “Recruiting Engineers for Industry.” Our original clients were in the chemical, petrochemical, and refinery industries with locations nationwide, primarily in the Southeast and Gulf Coast. We have since expanded into biotech, biopharma, pharmaceutical, custom and toll manufacturing, and selective manufacturing.


Although we are an independent company, we have a Worldwide Network of active trading affiliates (www.npaworldwide.com) for multiple disciplines in various global locations.


Disciplines include:


Accounting, Finance


Biotech, BioPharma, Pharmaceutical

Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas

Electrical, Mechanical and Other Engineers

Environmental; Safety


Computer & Software Engineers

Technical Sales & Business Development


Positions range from professional to managerial levels for companies ranging in size from small one-plant locations to international conglomerates.



Tom Smith’s accomplishments in the world of engineering include numerous plant startups and turnarounds, process improvements resulting in up to 50% increased production, safety and environmental improvements that go above and beyond regulations, quality improvements for challenging clients on complex chemistries, client interactions with positive outcomes and more.

Tom’s experience includes working as a Chemical Engineer for Monsanto Chemical, dealing primarily with agricultural chemicals. He has also held several positions working with specialty organic chemicals and inorganic chemicals at Mobil Chemical and then Albright & Wilson Americas.

Tom’s vast chemical engineering experience includes production engineering and management, process engineering and project engineering. 

Tom earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University in 1976. 

His history with Continental Consultants goes all the way back to 1978 when this recruiting firm actually placed him in his position at Mobil Chemical!

Tom began working with Continental Consultants in 1988, and in 1993, took on ownership.

A proud member of National Personnel Associates (www.npaworldwide.com), Tom Smith has been a TOP TEN PERFORMER with this global network of professional recruiters.

E-mail: tomsmithcci@gmail.com

Phone: 803-750-9339


P.O. Box 210005, Columbia, SC 29221 

Tom Smith  |   tomsmithcci@gmail.com  |   803-750-9339

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